Welcome to the HSPI documentation!


HSPI aims to make extending HomeSeer significantly easier by empowering developers with awesome tools and a collaborative community. Learn more at https://github.com/alexdresko/HSPI

  • For all the latest HSPI news, status updates, and release information


  • New to HSPI and looking for documentation? We’ve got that.


  • Got a question about HSPI? Ask on Stack Overflow and tag with “HSPI”. We’re watching and waiting for your questions.


    Using Stack Overflow, as opposed to the HomeSeer forums, allow us to more easily track questions related to HSPI and their status.

  • Found a bug or want to submit a feature request? We’re actively improving this thing.


    Using the Github issues, as opposed to the HomeSeer forums, allows us to more easily track issues and their status.

  • Want to chat in real time with other HSPI developers or view a real-time feed of everything happening in HSPI? The live feed is especially cool.